You know what I love about massages? It’s like passive meditation. Why? With meditation, you are never quite the same person before as after. With a massage, it’s the same. But whereas meditation requires some effort which is sometimes hard – letting thoughts flow, concentrate, not concentrate etc. – a massage is passive. You lie there. Nothing to do. The therapist does it all. And one hour later, boom – different person.

Now while some might argue the “active” aspect of meditation makes it “deeper” or more “real”, I’d say the transformation is comparable. It’s just that “just lying there” has seldom made things better _ in most circumstances. But actually, with a massage, it’s all the opposite. The more you just lie there, the more the therapist can deploy his/her benefit. And in fact, getting to that point of “just lying there” is in and of itself a great achievement.

Having a bad day? Get a massage. You, and the world, will be a different place, about an hour later.


PS: Yes, that’s me getting a massage in the picture 🙂

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